Strafford School Board

Newton School Board Mission Statement:

The Newton School is an integral part of the Strafford Community. It is a place where childhood is honored and celebrated. At the core of the Newton School is the desire to challenge and support the children of Strafford.

It is the fundamental commitment of the Newton School to provide educational and social opportunities for every student that:

  • Promote academic excellence, a love of learning, personal accountability, and health and fitness
  • Develop passionate, courageous, effective and responsible citizens
  • Recognize and support unique talents and personal interests
  • Inspire learning through critical thought and creative problem solving
  • Encourage collaboration across all ages and abilities
  • Provide excellent preparation for high school and life

This will be accomplished within the financial means of the Strafford Community.

Current School Board:

School Board emails are formatted as follows:

Aaron Dotter, Chair 2022 (2 Year Term)
Glenn Wylie, Vice Chair 2024 (3 Year Term)
Jessica Tidman, Clerk 2023 (2 Year Term)
Sarah Root, 2022 (3 Year Term)
Meghan Teachout, 2023 (3 Year Term)

The Board has regular meetings each month on The 2nd Tuesday at 5:30pm.  We meet alternately in Strafford (odd months:  Jan, Mar, May, etc.) and in Sharon (even months:  Feb, Apr, Jun, etc.).

Minutes, agendas and warnings:
2019-20 School Year

Minutes of the Newton School Task Force

Middle School Task Force Report