Please remember deer ticks our out. Please check your children from head to toe each evening. If ticks are taken off within 24 hours there is no concern for Lyme Disease. If you do take a deer tick off and it is engorged save it by scotch taping it to a piece of paper so  Nurse Kerri or your doctor can identify it. A one time antibiotic dose can be given if an engorged deer tick is found.

Prevention is always the best option: Wear long sleeves and long pants, DEET repellant or oil of lemon eucalyptus can be applied to socks and shoes.

Please see the Be Tick Smart PDF below.

Sunscreen. One in five Americans develop skin cancer. Incidence of melanoma, the most serious skin cancer, is on the rise. Dermatologists encourage parents to use SPF 30 or stronger for children in the sun. Also a hat is a nice idea.

If your family could use some assistance putting food in your cupboards or heating oil in your tank, here is a list of local resources that can help you.

Important Health Resources

Mosquito-borne Diseases in Vermont from the VT Dept. of Health 2018-19 Health Form

All HealthHUB Forms

Be Tick Smart from the VT Dept. of Health For families who don’t have dental insurance, Vermont Health Connect offers a reasonably priced stand alone dental plan with good coverage.
Concussion Management Toolkit from the Brain Injury Assoc. of VT  Vermont School Immunization Rates from the Dept. of Health


The U.S. Surgeon General on the importance of happiness to good health.