Farm to School

Farm to School Coordinator: Cat Buxton

Lots has happened in the past fews weeks!

Kindergarteners painted some Tennessee Dancing Gourds, a tiny gourd that spins like a top; we grew hundreds of them this year! Some fifth graders helped with the craft project during their enrichment time. The ‘groovy gourds’ will be among the exciting list of garden-grown and inspired products we’ll sell at the Holiday Craft Fair in December to raise money for Farm-to-School.

1st and 2nd graders harvested a variety of interesting vegetable and flower seeds last week.

The 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders prepared Owl Eye pumpkins (a golden hybrid variety) and Ancient Squash (an heirloom hardy squash) for roasting. The squash, pumpkin, and roasted seeds were served for lunch the next day in the cafeteria – thanks Gret!

The 3-5 students also planted garlic and harvested turnips, turnip greens, beets, kale, and our popcorn (Black Dakota variety)! We hung the corn to dry, processed dried parsley, shelled our black beans, and cleaned up the onion crop for use in the school kitchen. Next week the students will thresh the popcorn (and pop some!), clean black beans and cranberry beans and package them up for the Craft Fair, and seed trays of salad greens in Mr. Walker’s grow lab.

Middle school students will chart our food waste weights through November and help us to design the compost bin shed, to be built next spring.

Can you donate some wood? We’ll build a cold frame cover for one of our raised beds so that we can begin growing greens earlier next spring. If you have some lumber to donate please let Ilene or Cat know. We need light weight 2×4’s and maybe a little building advice!

Thank you Molly O’Hara for putting together a beautiful display of Farm-to-school photos on the bulletin board outside the library – check it out! Thank you Mindi and Eric Goodling for donating mulch hay, Dori Wolfe for donating a scale to weigh our food scraps, the Reimanis family for donating some seed garlic, and to Paul Sadowski for keeping the after school program kids involved in the edible schoolyard activities!

We’re so grateful to all of our enthusiastic students and teachers and to all of the wonderful parent and community volunteers that help us achieve our garden and farm-to-school goals. Thank you!