Grades 5-6

5-6 Team

Jasmine Tremblay
Eric Walker


Fifth grade are seeing their trout swimming upstream and feeding! They have been watching the eggs hatch and observing the different stages of growth. The foam sides to the trouts’ tank came off this week, so students are now able to observe the alevin (a newly spawned salmon or trout still carrying the yolk) more easily.

We do a lot of work on Habits of Mind in our 5th grade classroom, including activities like this game of Traffic Jam, which students had to complete in 20 seconds. This took a couple of days to do, but in the end they all succeeded. Here are a couple of quotes from the kids on how they felt: “Success, after long failure, felt satisfying because we were keyed up and frustrated. When we finished and beat the goal, all was replaced with a satisfying feeling and joy.” “Success, after long failure, felt good because we had tried very hard to meet our goal. We had overcome a challenge, and that was much more satisfying than if we had had nothing to overcome.” “Success, after failure, felt good because after we failed we did not get upset, we kept trying until we got it.”

Fifth Graders Play Traffic Jam from Newton_School on Vimeo

Students use a hand loom at the Boott Cotton Mill Museum in Lowell, MA

As part of our study on the Industrial Students, 5th grade took a visit to the Boott Cotton Mill, part of the Lowell National Historical Park in Massachusetts.