Kerri Rainville - School Nurse
Portrait of a white woman with brown hair and a blue hoodie and a smile on a boat,  Kerri Rainville - School Nurse

Kerri Rainville has been the School Nurse at the Newton School for almost five years and holds a B.A. from Hampshire College where she studied Climatology and Earth Sciences. After traveling independently by somewhat unorthodox means into North America, then with the Audubon Expedition Institute, living out of a backpack and/or bus for a year, and living with the lands and peoples of North America for more years of traveling, the Juneau Icefield Research Program and other college-based outdoor endeavors provided her with irresistible opportunities for further outdoor education in geology and other environmental research projects. Life then was directed in a more settled way, and interests evolved after working with the geriatric population at Wake Robin running unit refurbishments in the Maintenance Department. Upon graduating from Southern Vermont College Nursing School, she has continued to express her enjoyment of pediatric health through the educational setting here at Newton. Her daughter also attends Newton and they live in Strafford with their adorable pets and awesome neighborhood. They enjoy skiing, trail running, backpacking, hiking and most any outdoor engagement. She can be reached at

Get in Touch

Kerri Rainville is available during school hours and can be reached at 802-765-4351, ext. 2003.

Outside school hours please email her at