Feliz día de la marmota!
In 7th and 8th grade, students have practiced saying ‘Trabalenguas’ or tounge twisters. We are also exploring personal pronouns to start a foundation for more formal verb conjugation. Students will make their own Pronoun Chart like the one below using pictures of themselves and classmates to help remind us in our classroom.
Quiz your student on who makes up each group. Even though we have been learning some grammar, students have been working hard to learn it 100% in Spanish!
6th graders learned about Dia de la Candelaria today, a latin tradition that combines Catholic religion and indigenous harvesting traditions to enjoy tamales on February 2. Last week we finished up talking about the song, Soy una pizza, and I think we are all glad to not have it stuck in our heads anymore! Have a restful Superbowl weekend and maybe we can talk about the best parts of the game on Monday!
– Señorita Pratt