Grades 3/4

Classroom Resources

The 3-4 classroom has been having a morning meeting every morning. Ms. Catalano has brought in new activities, greetings and ways to share. Each┬áMonday┬ástudents are asked to think of a movie trailer clip of something they enjoyed over the weekend. Them they share that “teaser” with the class in hopes that friends and teachers will ask them about what they did. This has been successful and allows for folks to all share. Ms. Catalano has colorful, laminated wolves with children’s names on them and students can reach in to the pile to select a name. Then, they go and greet that person. This helps make sure that folks aren’t always just picking their favorite person each time. The other day we had an Uno activity where, depending on the color of the card, you had to either jump for the sky, do squats, twist or “swim”. That was a very energetic activity called Pass It On because you would then pass your Uno card to the right. Today’s greeting was the Snowball greeting where students wrote their name on a piece of paper and then balled it up. They tossed it over their shoulder and then we all took turns taking one and opening it up to discover who we would greet. Yesterday’s activity was ” Hello, Mr. President!” where one child sits in a chair facing Ms. Cote’s desk and the rest line up behind the student. Each student takes a turn trying to mask his or her voice and says, ” Hello, Mr. President!” to the student sitting. It is great fun to trick our friends by lowering or disguising our voices. Today’s activity was dancing to three dancing penguins on the Smartboard. The fourth graders were excited to share this with the third graders. It is a silly dance. All of these morning meeting learning opportunities help students mix and socialize as well as take responsible risks. Many social skills are practiced like waiting for your turn or learning how to greet someone with a firm handshake, making eye contact. These all help our group continue to build a community of learners. Feeling safe and comfortable with their peers helps them in group work situations. These are examples of what we do in Morning Meeting.


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