September has already come and gone and we’re into Autumn. I get to meet with my Art classes once a week, and twice a week for Electives. Here’s an update on what we’ve been doing in September:

Kindergarten: We’ve have been working a lot on using markers and sharing materials. Things like, push down on the top of the marker until you hear a little click and you know it’s closed. We read a story every class, which mostly have been themed around what it’s like to be in school and how can you treat your friends at school.

A lot of time has gone into sharing materials with their peers, and how do you ask for something when someone else is using it. We’ve been going with, “Can I use that marker after you’re done?” and it has been working out great so far.

Last month we focused on learning lines now we’re focusing on shapes! We’ve covered Triangle, Square, and Rectangle! We draw rainbow shapes to practice, this has been helping with fine motor skills, following directions, and color identification. Once our lessons are over, we’ve moved to stations so far we’ve had pipe cleaners, coloring, and play dough.

1st grade: In September the first graders have been working on using markers and our current project is using textured paper to cut out shapes to make a picture. If you think of Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar you’ll have a good idea of what that might look like.

We read books each class that are themed around being in a group and how to treat your friends. We’ve also read some Dr. Suess to help us further study lines. The books we read are usually a springboard for our art projects or discussions around how it feels to be in school.

We’ve finished two projects in September, drawing ducks, and using cut paper to make flowers. Both projects have been going well. The students have been learning how to hold scissors, how to use glue sticks, and have been thinking about how their flowers are unique to everyone else’s.

2nd Grade: With this group we have been establishing classroom expectations and a working routine for Art class. Our lessons have been focusing on drawing faces, and what features or details are on faces.

We’ve started working on emotions, and how we can see what people are feeling by the expressions on their faces. Each student has a sketchbook where they have been drawing faces and emotions.

Once their lessons are finished each table has a tinker box with some items in it. This is when their creative imaginations take hold. We’ve seen a lot of great vehicles, grappling hooks, and braided pipe cleaners come out of this creating time. Most of those items are sent home, so you’ve probably seen some of them yourself.

Wolf Den and Narwhal Nook: These groups are split into two but we have been focusing on the same project this month: Posters. We’ve been focusing on how we can use words and images to make a compelling and pleasing poster. I encouraged students to choose something they were interested in to make posters of. We’ve got posters of snowmobiles, horse farms, video game clubs, pets and animals, and much more.

Students have been really taking their time and focusing on making the best posters they can make. We should be wrapping this project up soon and we’ll be hanging the posters up around the school for display.

Creative Ambassadors: We’ve been focusing on lessons for the first half of class and then moving into what we’ve agreed to call “Choice Art Time”.

For lessons we’ve covered drawing faces, drawing figures, with special attention to proportions, and this past class we started exploring watercolor techniques. The watercolor technique we started with was the wash, which is where you use more water than paint to cover a large area of the paper. We got a lot of beautiful results and are planning on learning new watercolor techniques next.

Creating Comic: This 7th and 8th grade elective had been going really well. I have a group of motivated students who really bring their own interests into the class. We’ve been focusing this month on inking our pictures, which is going over the pencils with marker or a pen to give them a really clean line work. We’ve seen some amazing Fortnight characters, comic book characters, and original characters.

Some students have been focusing on character design, while others are working on narrative.