Kindergarten uses a long rope to learn about keeping a 6 foot distance. Kindergarten students play in the leaves. Second grade students hang on the parallel bars on the playground. Third graders learning in their outdoor classroom. Fourth graders practice being on belay. Fifth graders learn in their outdoor classroom. Middle school students sit at a picnic table they built themselves. Our reading specialist, Diane White, working with a student in the Forest Kindergarten classroom. Second graders play a phonics game. Third graders read in their outdoor classroom. Fourth graders create chalk art.

Please check this site for regular updates regarding the school’s response to Covid-19

October 14, 2020
Update regarding regional travel

September 25, 2020
Update from Superintendent Jamie Kinnarney

September 4, 2020
Important update from the Superintendent regarding food services.

Covid19 related updates can be found on the SU website here.