Music Notes

Hello Newton School community!
We’ve been having a great time this year. The students and I are getting to know each other, learning what it means to work together in a musical context, and making lots of good music. It’s a pleasure to be part of such a vibrant, thoughtful, and caring school community.
Here’s an overview of what we’ve been doing this year, by class:
Kindergarten – Seasonal songs, working with contrasts (high-low, strong-soft, short-long), practicing choral speech, and playing games!
Grades 1/2 – A lot of singing, a little dancing, learning about various instruments (and how to care for them!), practicing choral speech, creating our own movement to go along with our singing, and more!
Grades 3/4 – Laying the groundwork for music reading, working with call and response songs, form and precision in movement, respect and support of each other, and dancing!
Grade 5 – Individual participation, working together, strong singing, music reading, rhythm games, and beginning to create our own musical arrangements!
Grade 6 – Lots of singing! Recognizing and working with rhythm as a way to increase the effectiveness of our music. Working together, respect and support of each other, improvisation, music literacy, and the emotional impact of music.
Grade 7/8 – We finished our “Roots of Rhythm” elective last week, and have started “Ukulele 101” this week.
I look forward to making more music with the students, and meeting more of you as this school year unfolds. Thank you for the warm welcome!
With appreciation,
Nils Fredland