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K-2 Newsletter
March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! K-2 may have had a visit from a leprechaun early Friday…. It’s a mystery. Some kindergarten students made traps to capture it, but all they caught was a tasty treat and a note left behind. In addition to constructing leprechaun traps, kindergarten had books, a counting game, and literacy activities with a St. Patrick’s Day theme. From the Kindergarten, the leprechaun went to the two first and second grade classrooms. He (or she?) upset Legos and chairs, ate some fruit, and left little green footprints all around the classrooms and down the hallway! And of course some special treats were left for all!

K-2 enjoyed hearing books about Elephant and Piggie this week in anticipation of Monday’s field trip to see the play “Elephant and Piggie’s We Are in a Play!” starring these two characters. The play is based on books by a favorite kids’ author, Mo Willems. We look forward to some music, laughter, and fun at this play! We thank the PTA for their support of our field trips!

This week kindergarten learned two partner games in math. They used cubes and covered them with bowls to practice adding one and later, subtracting one from an amount to ten. They also reviewed counting to 100 by counting on our number line we made earlier in the year, putting up ten with their hands on each ten, and marking the tens to 100 with stickers. The kindergarten class did a great job at the whole-school Pi Day celebration by each saying a digit of Pi while up on stage.

First graders read more about penguins, compared the heights of Rockhopper and King penguins and did some graphing with that information. During our Number Corner time we have been looking at digital and analog clocks, and figuring out how much time has elapsed on our calendar pieces from day to day. Second graders spent the week measuring in feet and yards. (Actually, they were teacher’s feet and giant’s feet that corresponded). They will continue measuring in different units for the next couple of weeks, working on accuracy. They also took their Star 360 assessment, and did a great job focusing and persevering through some hard questions!

After a delay because of the snowstorm, our annual Pi Day event was accomplished on Thursday. The whole school gathered in Barrett Hall to do a triad group activity in which they were given certain numbers to use to make a math equation. After which a number of them got to share them with the whole group, and we all tried to figure them out. Kindergarteners then had a turn to be on stage to share the first 11 numbers of Pi, first graders did a song in a round, and second graders did a Pi skit. It’s great to see the participation for such a fun day!

First and second graders continued learning about sound this week. First, they made kazoos and then made as much noise as they could! It was a good way to demonstrate that sound is made of vibrations. Next week they will focus on light.

After reading a number of color poems in the book Hailstones and Halibut Bones, by Mary O’Neill, the first and second graders wrote their own color poems with a partner. These poems focused on more than just objects that were different colors, so the children really had to think about how each color makes them feel, or how they look.

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