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February 2, 2018

The 100th day of school is rapidly approaching! It is scheduled for Thursday, February 8th. Kindergarten students will be busy collecting 100 items for a 100 museum in math class that day. First and second graders will have 100 themed activities all throughout the day. K-2 will gather for fun math activities in the afternoon. If you’d like to volunteer to help that afternoon, 2:00-3:00, please let a K-2 teacher know. We also need help gathering snacks for a 100th day trail mix. If you can, please send in 100 snack items such as goldfish, pretzels, cheerios, raisins, m&m’s, etc. which we will add together for a fun snack. Thank you for your help!

Kindergarten learned with the book Over and Under the Snow, by Kate Messner, about the world of animals active in winter in a layer between the snow and the ground. They already knew what many of the animals did in winter, and it was fun to learn more and see the great illustrations. When the fox was ready to leap into the snow to catch a mouse it heard scritch-scratching far beneath the snow, they all knew it was coming and pounced along with the book! After hearing the book twice, they learned more about each animal. Then they used felt animals to show what animal was over or under the snow, active or inactive, hibernating, hiding, or hunting.

After reading the book, Animalia, by Graeme Base, the first and second graders wrote and illustrated some alliterative sentences in their poetry booklets. It’s always fun to see what funny sentences they come up with! First and second graders began learning about animal life cycles. In pairs, they each had a specific animal to read about and then make a poster detailing its life cycle using diagrams and labels. They also had practice using dictionaries and researching vocabulary words from our Island book about the Galapagos. Next week we will do a close read of the text to learn more and write about animal adaptations.

On Monday the first graders were number rack detectives during math. While hiding their number racks from a partner, they would move beads to make a number given. For example, given the number 7, they might move over 3 on the top and 4 on the bottom. They would tell their partner, there were 3 on the top and their partner had to figure out how many were on the bottom row. This was then done again with higher numbers to practice the combinations of each sum. In math kindergarten learned about the plus and equals signs and began writing equations. They also worked with adding and subtracting 1 from a given amount. They played a game with a bowl and cubes to practice this in partners, then the group practiced mental math adding and subtracting 1. Second graders worked with story problems this week. The problems involved presents and parcels (boxes of ten presents). They worked hard at this process of reading the problem, figuring out what information was important, figuring out what operation and equation would solve it, and then solving. Next week they will make up their own story problems to share with each other. They are also working on an assessment of the cumulative number corner skills they’ve learned this year, spending about 15 minutes each day on it.

Kindergarten completed their January weather graphs and discussed what kind of weather was the most common. They drew and wrote about the snowy weather. They’re working hard to sound out words, find and copy words around the room they need, make their letters correctly as they write, and uses capitals, punctuation, and spaces correctly.

Thank You:

Thank you to Cashlin and his mom for the delicious and adorable groundhog cookies!

Requests and Reminders:

Spirit Week and Winter Carnival are next week! Please see the yellow sheet sent home for fun ways for your child to dress each day to help their homeroom win a prize and to see all the fun weekend activities coming up!

The Music Concert will be Thursday, February 8th. Please have your children to Barrett Hall at 5:20.

We are in need of extra clothing in the K-2. If you have any hand-me-downs, especially pants for boys ages 6-8, we could use them! We can always use extra sneakers and snow pants as well, if you have any your children have outgrown.

Ask Your Child About:

the letters x and y – K.

alliteration – 1/2.

the January weather graph – K.